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Week 13 Millenarian Societies  Brook Farm

Page history last edited by Andrea Brownstein 11 years, 8 months ago


Week 13:  Millenarian Communities

November 10 - 14






·  Teach us!  Etiènne Cabet & Icaria.

· Teach us! Kathleen Kinkeade & Twin Oaks

· Finish Blithedale Romance (!). Begin reading Swastika Night

· Assn 12: Blithedale response for Wednesday




Tuesday. ELECTION DAY. Be sure to vote…


· Teach us! Jonathan Swift’s Houyhnhnms

· Discussion: Colonia Dignidad (from The American Scholar






· Discussion  of Blithedale Romance









· Discussion  of Blithedale Romance







· What you need to know about the Third Reich. What Hitler wanted.












Looking Ahead:





· MONDAY. Swastika Night


· Begin reading Brave New World

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