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Week 11 Millenarian Societies

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October 27 - 31



· Finish reading Blithedale Romance this week

· Discussion.

· Assn 11: Colonia Dignidad (from The American Scholar). DUE Wednesday, November 5.



· Teach us! William Godwin’s Political Justice

· Teach us! Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto (you do know what a manifesto is, don’t you?)



· Teach us! Wynstanley & the Diggers

· Teach us! Mother Ann Lee & the Shakers



·Teach us! Amana Colonies

· Teach us! Oneida


Friday. Mrs. Donovan will visit

· Teach us! Charles Fourier

· Teach us! Robert Owen & New Harmony



Looking Ahead:


· MONDAY. Teach us! Etiène Cabet & Icaria. Kathleen Kinkeade & Twin Oaks

· TUESDAY.  Jonathan Swift’s Houyhnhnms

· WEDNESDAY. Discussion  of Blithedale Romance

· Begin reading Swastika Night

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