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The Scheme of Work

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Utopian Worlds




¡ Utopia: Idealized


The Golden Age


Poussin: “Et in Arcadia Ego”


The Land of Cockaigne

Vergil: “Eclogue 4”

Bruegel: “The Land

of Cockaigne”

McClintock: “The Big Rock Candy Mountain”




¡ Utopia: Imaginatively Constructed

More: Utopia

Erasmus & the Humanists

Lennon: “Imagine”

Thaler & Sunstein: Nudge

Skinner: Walden Two

Mill: Utilitarianism

Thoreau: “Walden”


¡ Utopia: Attempted

Plato: The Republic

The Constitution of the United States

The Enlightenment

Hawthorne: Blithedale Romance

Communal & Millenarian Communities

Wynstanley & The Diggers




New Harmony

Communist Manifesto

Rawls: Social Justice

Burdekin: Swastika Night

The Third Reich & the Nazi Enterprise


¡ Utopia: Awry

Burgess: The Wanting Seed

Huxley: Brave New World

Scientific & social developments

¡ Utopia: The [Possible] Good Life

LeGuin: “The Day Before the Revolution”

Vonnegut: “Harrison Bergeron”

Voltaire: Candide


LeGuin: “Those Who Walk Away From Omelas”

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