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The Outside of the House

Page history last edited by Leslie Epstein 11 years, 7 months ago


  • Looks unattractive
  • Poor landscaping
  • Nothing to do outside of the house
  • No yard
  • Poor streets
  • No sidewalk
  • Bad neighbors



  • Every house would be well landscaped and would fit the shape of the house.  It would have interesting plants around it to being out the attractiveness of the house and give it "curb appeal"
  • There would be things to do outside of the house, like a pool or a nice patio where you could eat and have a nice grill to cook on and a nice fire pit as well.
  • There would be a nice, shaded hammock in the backyard and nice benches to sit on and even nice heating lamps so you could sit outside in cold weather.
  • Also, there could be a pool behind the house


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