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Sir Thomas More's Big Rock Candy Mountain

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Who was Sir Thomas More?   

  Sir Thomas More was an extremely pious and politically active man.  Not only was he a lawyer, author, and scholar, but he also received many high honors and positions such as being named a knight as well as serving as the secretary and advisor to the King.  More was beheaded in 1535 at the age of 57.  Due to his stronly Catholic observance, he opposed the Act of Succession, which stated that the Parliament had the right over the Pope to decide religious matters.   


     Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516 at the age of 38.  During this time in his life, More was working as one of two undersherrifs to London as well as being the personal servant and counselor to the King.  


     This time in More's life was very significant because, at this time, More was just starting out his career in politics.  Through his involvement, he found many things he did not agree with and therefore wrote about solutions to those problems in his book Utopia.  As More's career blossomed, he started to gain a respectable reputation and consequently, many people took great consideration on what he had to say.


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