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Shelley Kaur Seehra

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The first picture shown above is a picture of a yin yang.  This is a well known symbol and is very significant to Taoism.  As I have grown, I have realized that the religion I am most attracted to is Taoism.  This religion bases life off of health, compassion, immortality, humility, moderation and spontaneity.  


The second picture is of Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer.  This picture is one of my favorite pictures because it has two of my favorite singers together chilling and jamming.  I love music and I play many instruments so chilling and jamming are two things I do very often.  However, I could never measure up to Bunny or Bob musically.


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This video is ill.  This is Mos Def, an amazing hip hop artist.  Though present day hip hop is messed up, this video shows Mos Def freestyling and exemplifies the true talent of older hip hop artists.  Freestyle is an art and to be able to have such flow is a talent. 



What is Utopia?

Personally, Utopia is seen as a place to aid my spiritual growth.  I see it as an opportunity to find happiness and lead me to a spiritual state of bliss.  My own utopia consists of peace and serenity.  It offers me a safe place free of judgement and allows me to express myself openly and peacefully.  In today's world, expressing oneself is difficult and to most people a challenge.  Personally, it has been a great challenge due to the fact that I am stuck between two different worlds: my world and everyone else's world.  While I want to live in my own world, it is hard to just leave the world i have grown up in.  Breaking free from the binding of these two worlds has been very difficult, but I feel that right now, I am at a point where I have, for the most part, broken away from everyone else's world and have started to live in  my own.  Utopia is the idea of my own world and though I have not reached it, I feel that one day, I will be spiritually matured enough to venture into my own utopian world.



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This video is overall a sick video.  Greg Pattillo is an amazing flutist and to be able to beatbox and play a song is mindblowing.  Though this video might seem random, I feel that if watched, it could change many people's ideas about band instruments such as the flute.  It also shows the true talent of musicians out in the world.


This is Erykah Badu.  She is an AMAZING artist and I think that she has the most beautiful voice ever.  Her music is soothing, uplifting, and takes you on a natural high.  Her lyrics speak to me and because I feel connected to her songs, I feel connected to her.


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