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  • Not enough space
  • Machines don't work well
  • You actually don't know how to do the laundry
  • Messy room



  • The laundry machines can ask you what you want to was and take you step by step on what to do.  It will also show you pictures and tell you, out loud, what fabric softeners to use and how much you need to add.  The washer will automatically transfer the clothes to the dryer and alert you as to when the laundry is done.
  • Before the machine starts washing anything, the machine will tell you if there is anything in the pockets of clothing that needs to be removed or if anything needs to be washed separately.
  • When the clothes are done drying, the dryer will spit out all of the clothes into baskets so that it makes it easier to take all of the clothes to different rooms of the house.
  • The laundry room is extremely organized: there are cabinets with just the detergent and other things that need to be added to the wash.  Also, there are baskets for every person in the house so when you're sorting the laundry, it makes it much easier than just making separate piles for everyone.
  • There is also a steamer in every laundry room so if clothes come out badly wrinkled, you may take care of your own clothes instead of having to take them all to the dry-cleaners and wait for a few days until you get your clothes back.  

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