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  • Dirty
  • Unorganized
  • Nothing good to eat
  • Smells Bad
  • Broken Appliances
  • No one wanting to take the trash out or do the dishes



  • To combat the dirtiness and lack of organization, there would be a small storage shelf with just kitchen supplies, like a mop (or a swiffer) and everything you would need to clean the pots and pans or cleaning solutions for the dishwasher, etc.  Also, there would be organized cabinets and refrigerators with labels on everything.  In addition, your kitchen would have a built in organizer, similar to an alarm system built into the house, that would record all of the foods' expiration dates.  Your kitchen would then tell you when a certain product is about to bad so that you can either eat it or throw it out to save space in your kitchen.
  • As for the lack of good food: the owner of the hosue could make a list of all of their favorite foods, even the complicated ones, and put them into their home kitchen program.  Then, the program would look up all of the ingredients for those foods, tell them how to make it and then print out a list of everything the owner needs so that they may go buy exactly what they need.
  • For the bad odors, the owner could get a nice smelling candle to combat bad food smells, like pungent smelling onions.  This way, the house always has a nice scent to it and doesn't deter one from wanting to enter a room. 
  • If there is ever a spill in the kitchen, the floors would be of a stain-proof material and have rugs or carpets that are very easy to clean so that there is no permanent staining.
  • For easy use, all of the appliances would run themselves: the dishwasher would add all of the cleaning solutions by itself and then tell you when the dishes are ready to be put away.  The microwave, the oven, the toaster, and the stove-top would all clean themselves as well so that the owner never has work to do after making themselves a meal.
  • For your trash, there would be a shoot that goes directly from the bottom of your trash can to the trash recepticle outside of your house.  Therefore, you would never have to "take out the trash" because it is all done for you.  Once the bag is shot down to the other end of the shoot, the trash can replaces the trash bag so you don't have to replace it yourself.


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