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Kids' Rooms

Page history last edited by Leslie Epstein 11 years, 7 months ago


  • Too much clutter
  • Unmade beds
  • Not age appropriate
  • Messy



  • The walls would be the kid's favorite color and the room would express the kid's likes and age. 
  • If the child is young, then the room should be filled with toys and little kid furniture and a small bed.  For older kids, there would be a work space with a desk and a computer and more appropriate furniture, like a bigger bed or trophies in the room instead of stuffed animals and action figures.
  • Kids would make their beds everyday and have some semblance of organization: things wouldn't be scattered all over the floor.  Their things would also be organized in a way that they know where everything is but it's not overly organized.  The rooms would have shelving units and places in the closet for their stuff.
  • Each room would also have a nice dresser so that they can put their stuff on top of the dresser as well as put their clothes in it.


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