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Kanakadandlian Vision of Utopian Paradise

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This video represents my interest in American Politics. Political involvement is the only action that gives people some say over the welfare and future of the country. Therefore, politics is something I take very seriously; I try to give myself a comprehensive education of political issues and candidates.


My Perspective on Utopia

     When I think of a Utopia, one word pops into my mind-- unrealistic. Throughout history, many brilliant minds have fabricated their own special visions of Utopia. These visions paint an overly romanticized portrait of a perfect world consisting of alcohol streams, flying chicken dinners, and nonviolence. Would these environments be ideal? Absolutely. But to believe in the possibility of such a society is to shun many aspects of human nature.  There is a reason that no similar society has ever thrived. Men are not built for Utopia; they are meant for and existence in the real world. 

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