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Foreign Relations and Warfare

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Foreign Relations

-people would go to other areas and try to conver that area's way of rule to Utopian ways.  They would work for 1 or 5 years, they were rewarded with praise and honor

-the utopians have no fealing

-they don't make treaties with other countries because they don't trust and can be broken easily

-Shows examples of how Europe relys on treaties

-treaties imply that people are born with rivals and enemies and will distroy each other and it doesn't promote friendship



-they hate war, it was ment for beasts

-certain days they are given military training incase they have to fight

-they go to war only for good reasons: protections of land, friends, and freeing people from tyranny and being a slave

-they can protect their friends but they have to take steps to get it approved

-when they defeated enemys and were put into slavery

-they hardly stand up for their own rights

-they want their fights to be skillful and cunning

-during war, they set up signs that will give a reward to anyone that kills the King or his helpers

-rewards were gold and land

-they will pay the enemy to hand over the person they want

-they will loan money freely

-all their money is kept for war

-they hire many soldiers from Zapoletes to fight for them

-the Zapoletes fight for the highest bidder

-woman, children, and relatives are encouraged to go with their husbands during war

-war style, they start off not as determined, but they grow more determined each day until they are very strong

-they rather take prisoners and make them slaves then kill them

-they used their knowlage as an advantage during battle

-the soldiers build their own defenses and camps

-they are skilled in fighting and building weapons

-they respect truces greatly

-they take money and land from the countries they conquer

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