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Assignment 6 Questioning the Text Utopia

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Questioning the Text: Utopia


These are the sections in Book II:

· Geography

· Their Cities


· Work Habits


· Social & Business Relations


· Travel and Trade


· Gold and Silver


· Moral Philosophy


· Delight in Learning


· Slaves


· Marriage


· Punishments and Legal System


· Foreign Relations

· Warfare


· Religions


This is how we will conduct the work:

· Each class member will be responsible for being the primary reader of one section

· Members will work in pairs, which means that each class member will be a secondary reader of another section.

· Pairs are responsible for meeting together to discuss their sections. The purpose of the discussion is to identify and consider the issues or problems in the section. What problem is being solved? What are the advantages and disadvantages of More’s proposals?

· Class members will present to the class in text order. At a minimum, the class will need to know the content of the section and the questions it raises. At best, this should be a discussion of More’s ideas. Prepare some questions for others to consider!

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