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Assignment 11 Colonia Dignidad

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   Colonia Dignidad, Chile



First, read the article “The Torture Colony” from The American Scholar’s August issue.  I have given you a hardcopy; you canalso find it online at http://www.theamericanscholar.org/au08/torture-falconer.html

Then, think about the communal societies we have studied. What were their purposes? How did they accomplish those ideals?

Finally, write an essay  about this utopian society.

· Identify the elements we have seen in other groups that puts this in the utopian category.

·  What conditions or circumstances made it possible for this community to develop?

· What are the psychological, sociological, emotional long- and short-term effects of such an organization?



You have read enough about these societies and discussed the ideas of social contract and idealism. This should show your best thinking and most careful work.

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